When rescuers saw Salvador in the street, they were frightened and stunned and just looked like a skeleton dog!

Skeleton Dog

Also, he was very sick and covered with mats. However, the malnourished and starving skeleton dog was full of hope.

The gave him food and water. Then, wrapped him in a blanket and took him to a rescue shelter.

Skeleton Dog

The poor puppy was too weak and fragile; his bones were obvious!

When Salvador went to the rescue shelter, they cleaned him and gave him full examination. The poor puppy had anemia and was deadly malnourished.

He had a long journey of recovery, but he was strong like a warrior, and the rescue group believed in him. He didn’t want anyone to make an effort with him to eat. He was always eating all the food was offered, and gradually, he started gaining some weight.

Skeleton Dog

A group of dogs took him in and that helped him psychologically, they helped him in his journey of recovery.

Happily, Salvador has fully healed and is now more beautiful and strong than ever! He can eat anytime he wants and he knows this now. So, he doesn’t need to worry about when his next meal will be.

See how amazing and beautiful he is now after he was just like a skeleton dog?