peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper and dogs and walks! They go together, just like that. It’s the best thing in the world seeing our dogs the happiest whenever we say “walk”. Even if we said it in any other way that they can understand. All lead to the best activity in their day. What if the dog doesn’t hear? This deaf dog named Silas, can’t hear words and they can’t figure out when it’s the time to a walk. So, his owner makes him a gesture.

Actually, there are many different gestures that Silas’ owner, Sean Flanagan, decided to teach him. So, Silas is a deaf dog who understands sign language!

The New Orleans-based Flanagan wanted to cheat Silas sign language in order to better communicate with him and so he could understand key phrases – one of them being “we’re going to the park.”

You can watch Flanagan’s adorable video below which showcases Silas’ reaction to his sign language phrase, “you wanna go on a walk”:

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