Smokey is an extremely cute Labrador Retriever that you’ll fall in love with his eyes from the first sight! He always gives his mother Menna Omar unconditional love and gets it in return.

Dogs can concentrate and react with songs and movie scenes. We see on our social media newsfeed pictures and videos of adorable dogs watching TV. So, Menna shared with us some of Smokey’s videos while he is watching movies and react with it!

Merry Christmas Hoooman!

The first time he was watching his favorite Christmas movie. “And as you can see, he stayed the whole time of the movie focusing on the screen and he didn’t leave until the movie ended,” Menna said.

Horror Movie!

The second video shows smokey watching a scene in ‘Dogman’ movie when the man was leashing his dog to protect him and then he was trying to dry him with a blower. Smokey was afraid that he tried to hide behind his mother to feel safe!

Don’t worry Smokey, Menna will never do that to you!

I’m not crying mommy, it’s just too tasty.

Oranges? Smokey tasted oranges for the first time and he apparently didn’t like it. However, he kept licking the orange to not let his mommy down!

Multilingual Doggo!

We know now that dogs do understand human speech, and that you have to tell your friends that you’re not crazy as they think! But can a dog understand more than one language? The answer is, SMOKEY!

So, we now know Smokey, he’s a smart Labrador, he used to understand his owner’s speech when they lived in Egypt before they moved to live in Budapest. They socialized with many other nationalities. So, they had to communicate with different languages, such as Arabic, English, Russian, Italian, and French! Menna shared this in her tweets that Smokey is no longer confused when her friends talk to him. And she must be a proud Mama!

Smokey is the most important thing in Menna’s Life

Menna is very grateful that Smokey went through everything with her, she claims that she could’ve not to pass anything without him. As a little return for everything Smokey did for Menna, she decided to have her first tattoo with Smokey’s face. And she posted the picture on her Instagram with a heartwarming caption about her lovely puppy.