Here is Chelsea who is a very adorable girl who can do anything to distract her dad when he is playing video games. Chelsea loves to receive her hooman’s attention.

Chelsea started staying with her father Eric Howe and his girlfriend, when they first shifted in. She was a pup then and it took her some time to get acquainted with the family.

playing video games

In the beginning, Chelsea used to ignore him. Only when he would pet her would she pay attention. Then Eric started noticing that whenever he would be playing video games, Chelsea would jump on him and whine. Soon Chelsea started discovering many tactics to divert her dad while he was engrossed in playing Xbox. Finding Chelsea’s reactions funny, Eric couldn’t help capturing them.

playing video games

In the video, we can see Eric playing Xbox when Chelsea jogs in. Immediately she props herself on hind feet and starts tail-wagging. When she doesn’t receive any acknowledgement from Eric, she jumps on the bed and hugs him with her cute paws. Still, when she fails to grab her dad’s attention she finally stares at him intensely and then lodges attacks of scratches, licks, and paws!

playing video games

It’s not always that Chelsea behaves like that when he is playing video games. In the beginning, when he is calmly playing his games, she would silently sit on the bed. Whenever he would get irritated and start yelling, she would start with her peculiar attention-seeking behavior and try to distract him.

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Chelsea is just a pure dog who doesn’t like to see her family members distressed. She is deserving of all the love and attention that exists and she is aware of it. Whenever Eric or his girlfriend would give something else more attention, Chelsea would get angry or jealous. Playing video games also seems to have the same effect on her. She is a “papa’s girl” after all.

Chelsea’s hoomans seem to adore her and her antics. And the internet is loving her too!