You may be thinking that this is not a wolf, this is definitely a fox with long legs. Well, let me tell you, you didn’t get that right. Actually, the maned wolf is not a wolf, also not a fox. It is one animal of the Canidae family. So, it’s a relative of domesticated dogs, foxes, and wolves. However, it’s the largest canid you can ever see in South America, Saint Bernard is not counted btw. However, being a fox on stilts doesn’t make it a fox though.

maned wolf

Moreover, the maned fox makes a sound identified as a “roar bark”, which means that appearance is not the only weird thing. Maned wolves are originated in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay. They require a large space to live, which makes them susceptible to the disastrous effects of habitat destruction.

Video Source: kyrgyzburg

The maned wolf actually has a tense relationship with people. As people in Brazil usually carried maned wolf eyeballs for luck.


maned wolf

A fully grown maned wolf looks like it wants to kill you. So, although they don’t demonstrate any danger to humans, they’re usually hunted for sport. We kill things we’re scared of, which is totally unfair!
However, people usually blame the maned wolves as they are big and have tall legs. They think these animals can kill their sheep and cows which is impossible! they usually eat fish, rodents, and birds due to their small jaws. Also, they eat some plants such as tubers, wolf apple (a fruit similar to tomatoes) and even sugarcane.

maned wolf

The best thing in maned wolves, that they have very adorable and unique babies! I think I would adopt one of them. I will do that once I buy a 10M square foot house.

In conclusion, the maned wolf does a lot to make humans look so stupid. As they don’t know how to differentiate between a monster and a cute animal who just wants some potatoes! We look like idiots when we fear them and ruin their lives for nothing.