Am I a little weird? Or a little different? Well, I have decided not to be a part of the herd. You might say I’m a freak but I’m just unique. I was born different and aim to stay that way.

Of the 2 billion or more species living on your planet, we are acquainted with less than 1% of them and even then we do not have the faintest idea what all of them look like. We are amazed when we see pictures of some exotic or rare species and marvel at their unique features and colors. But strange features and markings can also be found on domestic creatures that we interact with each day.


Given below are some unique animal features that draw attention with their beautiful markings and unusual color combination.

1. A Rainstorm Of Freckles

unique features

© Berlinthebattleturtle / imgur

Looks like someone had a lot of fun with colors. Look how they have left the spots on this cute dog!

2. Like My Socks? They Match My Tail Cover

unique features

© unknown / imgur

This cute doggo has the right stripes in all the right places!

3. Mustaches Are The Mark Of Wisdom And Courage. But Then I Have Them All.

unique features

© IBringTheAnswers / imgur

I may not look wise, but look at my mustache. So many girls will just swoon over it.

4. My Friend Ate The Eyeliner. Buy Me A New One Or Get Used To My Stare

unique features

© WhyAreYouLikeThat / reddit

Well, at least one of my bright blue eyes looks prominent!

5. I Look Intimidating With War Paint? But Then I Was Born To Be One.

unique features

© iklegemma / reddit

This Rottie may have vitiligo but he isn’t shy about it. He keeps it with pride.

6. My Heart’s In The Right Place. This Here Is Only My Second

unique features

© Berlinthebattleturtle / imgur

Humans wear their hearts on their sleeves. I wear it on my nose.

7. Been Studying For The Exams

unique features

© The1uniquesnowflake / reddit

I need a break now. And lots of sleep


Here are some more animals with unique features for your eyes only!

1. Pink Is My Attitude, And My Color

unique features

© KingAlfonz / imgur

You will never find another like me!

2. Zorro, Without His Cape And Whip

unique features

© unknown / imgur

If I see any injustice, I will be your worst nightmare.

3. Unique Features Out Of The Blue

unique features

© NowThis / twitter

I’m the true blue-blood!

4. Need A Really Good Tanning Session

unique features

© thegreatkumquatmassacre / imgur

This peacock should be the national symbol of World Peace.

Isn’t nature fascinating?