Don’t we all need an emotional upliftment from time to time? The San Francisco 49ers also felt this need and what better way to fulfill it than getting a loving pup! So Zoë was decided to be their emotional support and she has been performing rather well.

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After losing his sister, Moss was very sad and depressed. The team thought it a good idea to bring Zoë in the team to cheer him up and make everyone happy too. Though they had to do a lot to convince him for getting Zoë , they ultimately succeeded in doing so.

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Dogs are known as man’s best friend. these friends love us unconditionally and afford us great emotional support. Many therapy dogs are assigned to various mental health patients to keep them company. The NFL players also deal with a lot of stress and Zoë proved to be just the therapy for them!

She was just one year old when she was brought in and her lively spirit gave life to those around her. She is super affectionate and loves to cuddle. Players are considering her to be a stress buster. Just like most others dogs she enjoys playing with balloons and well, getting treats!

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Though they don’t take her out of her home, she is always eagerly waiting for their return when they’re out playing matches. The players too rush back back as fast as they can to spend more time with Zoë.

Zoë, the 49ers emotional support puppy, is the team's cutest MVP

The San Francisco 49ers are on fire — but it's their smallest teammate who's stealing the spotlight.

Posted by CNN on Saturday, October 19, 2019

Currently, she is a registered emotional support dog but soon, hopefully, she is going to be trained as a therapy dog. This will be a huge achievement for Zoë . Therapy dogs have an unlimited scope of helping people, from autistic and/or disabled kids to elderly people.

People are loving this emotional support doggo’s Instagram profile and she has become the little star of the NFL team! And why not, Zoë is an adorable, cute, and loving puppy and she deserves all our love.