Imagine coming back from a party only to find your house literally ransacked. What would your first reaction be? Call the police maybe? But what if we told you that it was your dog who destroyed your home?

This is a true incident, where the dog destroyed the home while the family was out. The dog in question is a cocker spaniel named Dory, who left no stones unturned in trashing the whole area.

Dory the cocker spaniel

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The house belongs to Dylan Raynor who was returning with his mother and his partner to their place in Cheshire. But, what seemed to be a home invasion at first turned out to be their dog who willfully destroyed their home. Dylan, a 21-year-old biochemistry student, mentioned to Cater News that despite the training from the puppy school Dory was sent to, she still likes to cause havoc in the house. Biting, tearing, and ripping stuff off seem to be her favorite activities. In fact, that’s how the family found out Dory was the perpetrator- nibble marks on things!

dog destroyed home

While the family was in shock in the beginning, the tale of the home-destroying dog soon regaled their dinner. Although Dylan was a bit wary of the things Dory had put in her mouth, she exhibited normal behavior 24 hours after that.

dog destroyed home

Let this not be said that this was Dory’s first rodeo. Previously, the dog that destroyed their home used to pluck socks out of laundry baskets or would jump in bathwater. But compared to what she did now, those were child’s play.

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dog destroyed home

While the dog destroyed their home, they are quite glad that she didn’t hurt herself in the process or even set the house on fire. It can be surmised though, that she had her share of fun- eating lasagna and licking sugar cubes.

Images: Caters News Agency