Siberia has one of the most aggressive winters ever. So, any animal left outside is unacceptable because it’s deadly out there. But, have you ever seen a person leaves his kids outside in freezing night!
 Dog Freezing In Snow
A mother left her 2-year-old kid out in the freezing weather! A kid in freezing night like this would die for sure, yet this kid survived with a miracle as his dog discovered him, who covered him with his body to keep him warm.
All that was the dog thinking about is the kid, he didn’t even think about himself. He used his furry body to cover the kid and to save him from the snowy wind. When the neighbors spotted the dog, they thought he is sitting outside alone.
So, they tried to take him yet he refused to move. So, they decided to carry him, they were surprised when they saw a little kid under his arm. The dog was covering the kid for two days. However, they are both in good condition now. Watch the video below for the full story.