Recently, some heartless people poisoned stray dogs in the streets of Egypt. However, a group of police officers from the Third Settlement Department in New Cairo, Egypt came in time to save one of them.

Yesterday, the workers of the Egyptian Society for Animal Rescue were surprised by a phone call by a police officer. Stating that there was a poisoned dog in the third Settlement, and they asked them to come to rescue him.

Moreover, the police officers tried to save the dog by providing water and salt for him, according to Youssef: “We said that we tried to give him with salt to return”, and when the association asked about how they reached the number to verify the information, they replied that they searched on Google’s website for an animal welfare association.

Immediately, the head of the Egyptian Society for Animal Rescue went from Maadi to the Third Settlement. There, he was surprised by the police, waiting for his arrival to save the dog, saying: He is under observation.”

Of course, we were surprised. This is how Joseph described the behavior of the police. Who not only tried to save the dog by providing him with water and salt. Also, they looked for rescue societies and refused to leave him. “They did a lot of effort. All that they were thinking about is rescuing the dog. Also, they refused to take any pictures when I told them I will post them on Facebook.”


Nevertheless, “Youssef” pointed out that the role of civil defense has always been with them in rescuing animals and dealing quickly with the submitted reports:

“They will always help us. For example, a cat hanged on a bridge, we call the rescue, they come very fast. Also, they call a lot to check-up. And if the issue took long, and couldn’t make it, they send a police patrol.”

The head of the Egyptian Society for Animals Rescue also noted that the Ministry of Interior is the most organization in the country that cooperates with animal welfare. “In all my experience in animal rescue, I didn’t witness an organization that cares about animals more than the ministry of interior. They cooperate with us when we tell them there are any torturing or killing cases. They also have a very fast response” He stated.

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