Euthanasia is a necessary evil. But it would be wrong to say that it is the only way to lose your pet. Sometimes, your pet can grow old and have a normal demise, but on other occasions, they might contract a disease that would need them to be put down. Regardless of the situation, it hurts. As an owner, the passing of your dog is an extremely tragic moment, and a vet decided to talk about the last moments and how they experienced it.

Jessie Dietrich, a Twitter user wondered what a vet experienced when leading a pet to their death. Her vet mentioned that most pet owners would refuse to be in the same room as their pet when they are about to be injected. While most people wouldn’t want to be there during euthanasia, they still wanted to be present when their pet was being sedated. It helped in making the transition much swifter.

euthanasiaImage: Twitter/@jessi-dietrich

There were several responses to her tweet, with one tweeting that she could never leave her pet behind, however torturous it would be. In fact, when her cat had to be euthanized, she made sure to hold her down when they injected her with painkillers and sedatives. She made sure that her cat saw her last. Another individual tweeted that he would forever be with his dogs as they died. Speaking from experience, he spoke about how he had to do it when his dog contracted cancer.

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A vet clinic in South Africa posted something on their Facebook that closely resonated with this.


This was written by a vet, who was sick of pet owners leaving their pets at their most vulnerable point. The vet urged people to stay by their pets when they were being euthanized just to make it comfortable for them. So, it would all go down in cold water if people were to leave their pets right when they needed so that the pets wouldn’t be searching for them in a crowd of strangers.


But there is absolutely no point pressurizing an owner to stay when they are extremely distraught. For euthanasia might be necessary, but it doesn’t do away with the sadness that comes with it.