She Offered This Sloth the Flower and He had the Best Reaction

written by: nyokabilay
Arguments can go as long as they can about the similarities between apes and men but there’s no doubt that after watching this video you’ll definitely lean towards accepting the idea that they both come from the same breed as a life fact. This sloth had the best human like reaction when he was handed over a flower by a beautiful young teen girl. If you followed closely you’ll be able to spot the best Reaction smile widening and widening when she offered him another one which shows that animals do not real need human brains to interpret such basic actions.

Videos like these show how great humans and animals can get along and understand each other. There are some essential desires and needs common between all living organisms. Perhaps the most obvious one would be the need to survive. Closure between living creatures is a form of assurance of no harm and thus a promise of sustainable life.

The argument that humans’ ability to carry out abstract thinking make us a different breed from animals is rendered obsolete by similar videos. The video showed clearly that animals, manifested in a sloth in this case, can relate to the feeling of emotional warmth and express their feelings in a human manner with similar gestures like smiling and hugging.

The sloth showed the best reaction by reaching out for physical contact, which again can be seen as considered the highest form of closure or representation of happiness by an animal just like it is by humans. It was completely adorable and mind-blowingly cute to see this sloth diverting from his hinged sleeping position to sheer happiness in few seconds. The magical part is that he is a sloth. Sloths are known to be really lazy when it comes to moving but just with few gestures of love it was like he knew exactly how good of a moment it was to pass so he decided to react in the most incredible way.