People can be very insensitive and a family from California proved it. Their old pet was dumped so that they can adopt a new dog and take him with them on vacation.

They had adopted Toots 6 years ago from Hilo in Big Island in Hawaii. Now, they again planned a six-week vacation to the same island but they had a different plan for Toots. Instead of hiring a dog-sitter for their Beagle, they decided to abandon him at a shelter.

Posted by Andrea Neyses on Saturday, June 3, 2017

The shelter is a public one and thus it must adopt all the animals it receives. It also euthanizes the animals who are not adopted by anyone after a certain time. Being a public-funded shelter, they have to make room for other animals too.

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Andrea Neyses, an animal advocate, reported this incident anonymously. How cruel and insensitive it is of the family to dump their old mate so coldly.

The advocate talks bitterly about a man of the same family in the video.

Posted by Andrea Neyses on Saturday, June 3, 2017

But Chiquita’s Friends Animal Rescue thankfully saw the video and were moved. They adopted Toots, who was scared of spending a night at a shelter.

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A loyal old pet was dumped by this family just so they can entertain their new dog. This shows how humans treat animals as mere commodities that they change at their will.

Posted by Chiquita's Friends on Monday, June 5, 2017

To pets, their owners are the whole world and when they get abandoned, it strikes them very hard. They don’t deserve to get stranded after living with a family for years. Let us make sure that no other pet gets abandoned like the old pet was dumped by this family.

Featured Image: Andrea Neyses