This is the amazing moment an orangutan attempts to help a man remained in a river by offering its outstretched arm.

However, the incredible chimp, who lives in an ensured protection timberland region in Borneo, was seen inclining forward and loaning some assistance to the man who had been in the sloppy river scanning for snakes.


The striking pictures were taken by beginner photographer Anil Prabhakar, from Indonesia, who had been on a safari with his companions when he detected the contacting scene.

Mr. Prabhakar later found that the man worked for the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation-a non-benefit association planned for ensuring the imperiled species.

The orangutan, who lives in a protection woodland zone in Borneo, offers an outstretched arm to a man remained in the river.


The conservationist had been gathering up snakes to protect the orangutans. While he was hindered by the curious chimp.

In any case, the novice photographer uncovered the man denied the orangutan’s hand. After he set aside the camera – as it was a wild creature.

Mr. Prabhakar stated: ‘Somebody let him know there was a snake in the river. The superintendent went there and cleared the hedges.


‘An orangutan went to the banks and was watching what he was doing. He at that point came nearer and gave his hand.

‘The superintendent simply moved away. I asked him for what good reason later and he stated: ”It’s a wild creature, not one we know about”.

The conservationist looked as the extraordinary gorilla offered him some assistance

The endangered animal, who lives in secured protection timberland, recognized the man and chose to help


‘Be that as it may, they are to ensure them.’

Moreover, The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is an Indonesian non-benefit association.

The establishment, which has 400 people from staff, is at present taking consideration of almost 650 orangutans.