A sweet little dog was barking at his home, shocked and sad that his family didn’t take him out with them, and why didn’t they just open the door!

However, what he didn’t realize was that the door will never be opened again. His owners had moved to another place and abandoned him, alone in the house.

Owners Left Their Dog

Then, one of the people who live nearby the house saw him and shared his story on social media. How could someone move and leave a sweet dog like him behind?

The pup was crying and howling, he also said that he doesn’t know what to do to find him a new home, and asked people who want to adopt him to come forward.

The story of the lovely dog went viral on Facebook, and many people were interested. Shirley Martindale-Horner knew about the lovely dog and decided to take him to the groomer. So, this poor puppy had his first man contact with someone out of his ex-family.

The dog got the love he deserves eventually. He went to live with a new forever home filled with love and compassion. Also, he made new friends.

His new name is Aubrey. Shirley said that Aubrey will have a forever loving home, that will never be shut again.