Sometimes, people are the kindest ever. Humans are smart, and when it comes to humanity, they creatively find a way to help. A human chain to help a dog? why not! Normally, I have a pessimistic attitude toward the world. However, once in a while, there is something that reestablishes my confidence in humanity. For example, this super rescue of a stranded dog.

human chain

Some people passed by a river, they saw that there was a puppy down in the center of the moving water – the most dangerous situation to be in. That is the point at which one courageous man advanced down the slope to get the dog.

The man gathered up the canine and advanced over to the edge of the bank, however it would have been a major battle to recover the pooch up to the top all alone. Propelled by goodness, a gathering of youngsters came to both of their guides.

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Then, some people framed a human chain. Together, they all attempted to get down to the man and the dog, pulling them back up to safety.

However, on the opposite side of the waterway, someone filmed the whole great scene. Confidence in humanity reestablished!

You can watch these good people rescue the dog in the video below:

The Dodo