A well-known photographer has created some stunning works of art that present deformed animals in all their majesty. The pictures do not try to hide the deformity. Instead, it seeks to portray the stunning beauty hidden behind their abnormality. All the animals portrayed in this collection by photographer, Alex Cearns, are ‘perfectly imperfect’. Their beauty more than makes up for their lack of physical perfection.

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Aryah has a distorted face and a missing eye, is deaf in the left ear. But that has never been a problem for his nature.

A vicious attack robbed sweet Vegemite of his eye but that has not lessened his cuteness one little bit.

Glaucoma robbed beautiful Mya’s eyesight but she remains ever alert.

PERFECT IMPERFECTION! Look at that happy face. Beautiful Mya the Husky had her eyes removed after painful Glaucoma set…

Posted by Houndstooth Studio by Alex Cearns on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jakk ended up in a dumpster just because of his deformed legs. Fortunately, someone surely must have seen his eyes and rescued him.

Skin cancer robbed beau of both his ears. But that couldn’t rob him of his happiness.

Jaffa lost a leg and found a forever home after waiting for 8 years. But the wait was worth it.

Oompah had a tough life without a home and being infected with mange. But he has found an affectionate family, who are quite happy at this perfectly imperfect dog.

Posted by Houndstooth Studio by Alex Cearns on Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scrappy may have lost is eyes in an operation but remain positive in his attitude.

Despite the loss of a limb and paralysis, Keisha has not lost her desire to live and her adopted family loves her for it.

Rupert remains beautiful as ever despite a missing leg and enjoys his life.

Draco in one big-hearted dog, though there might be a defect in it that leads to fainting spells.

Skye lost her left eye in an accident but the good one more than makes up for it.

This cat has chosen to see with her heart as life has robbed her of both the eyes.

Peg has decided that since life has given him 3 legs, he is going to make something out of it.

Neo may be cross-eyed but manages to get straight into your heart.

Losing an eye in a dog-fight is nothing to smile about but Romeo has managed to retain the grin.

Crash was dumped as a kitten because of his blindness. Luckily someone decided to adopt him and that changed his life forever.

Life has been unkind to these poor animals but they are made of sterner stuff. However, they have photographer Alex Cearns to thank for these perfectly imperfect portraits which helped them find their forever home.

Credit: Houndstooth Studios – Facebook| Instagram