Only six weeks is the time that this cute pigeon became the best friend of this adorable Chihuahua. This amazing couple spent a great time together as they know how it feels to have a disability. So, this made their bond stronger.
pigeon and chihuahua
A shelter for disabled animals in New York received a case of a small “Chihuahua” dog that has very sick that it wasn’t known whether he would live or not.
Then the pigeon came to the shelter and sat with him and did not leave him and gave him new hope in life.
pigeon and chihuahua
And now, they never leave each other. So, their pictures are filling the internet today. As a result, people searched for the name of this shelter and started donating to treat and care for the cases there.pigeon and chihuahua
This puppy suffers from paraplegia due to the deformation of the spine. So, it’s not known if it is possible to walk. Also, he may not be able to walk on his back legs.
Moreover, the pigeons hit her head and lost her ability to fly. That’s why she felt his suffering and decided to take care of him.