Every dog has their favorite toy and Draco the pitbull dog is no different. It will be their constant companion, forever engaging them throughout the day, and occupying pride of place at the bedside every night. Draco the pit-bull loves his heart-shaped red stuffed pillow to distraction. It has two arms and it makes him supremely happy and contended, and he would have never considered a replacement. It carries too many memories with it.

A Childhood Gift To Cherish

But toys, like everything else in life, have to get torn or broken someday and it happened to poor pitbull dog Draco’s red pillow too. It was his companion and protection.  Allie O’Cain had brought home Draco from an amateur breeder when Draco was only two weeks. Draco and his red pillow have been together since he was adopted. It was Draco’s constant companion in joy and sorrow.

pitbull dog
pitbull dog Credit : Facebook/Allie OCain

Draco sucked on it to nod off ever since he laid his paws on it. Draco had only one naughty habit; he used to chew up stuffed toys. Mother Allie had to buy only rubber toys for Draco. Everything that has some stuffing in it, Draco would be at it and destroy it in a few minutes; but not his favorite toy.

A Colossal Tragedy

Draco is fiercely protective of his red pillow and doesn’t allow even Willow, his best friend anywhere near it, and this is where tragedy struck. Willow had stolen his pillow but Draco wanted it back. As he struggled to snatch it back, the poor pillow ripped and out poured the stuffing onto the floor! pitbull dog Draco was inconsolable. Losing a life-long friend isn’t easy, especially when it happens before your eyes. Poor Draco and his red pillow were equally torn apart.

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The Fairy Godmother

But then came his fairy grandmother and waved her magic wand. She consoled poor Draco and lovingly brought his red pillow to the operating table for some much-needed emergency surgery. Draco, the fierce pit bull was reduced to a bundle of nerves as he watched half in hope, half in despair as she took the pillow to the sewing machine. At one point of time, the distressed and tormented Draco even tried to snatch the pillow away from grandma, unsure of the outcome. But good sense prevailed on the troubled dog and he relented to the operation. He watched grandma at her loving best.

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Credit : Facebook/Allie OCain

All’s Well For The Pitbull Dog…

It all ended well for Draco, the pit bull and his childhood companion, the stuffed pillow and they were reunited. He was very attached to the stuffed toy before the accident. But now the dog is passionately protective of his stuffed toy and never lets it out of sight.

Credit : Facebook/Allie OCain

Pit bulls are the most valuable things a family can own. Your whole life gets centered around them, and that’s a lovely thing to happen. Three cheers for grandma, the knight, and her shining sewing machine. The adorable Draco will never let his toy pillow out of his sight again. Draco and his red pillow have now become buddies for life, again.