Even though dogs may not have the thinky-thinky parts of the brain like with humans, those eyes really show just how fast that doggo’s brain is working. Taking in the stimulus of half a dozen other dogs (and human) chasing after it, planing it’s escape route, maneuvering out of the way and staying ahead of the pack, and even finding a (temporary) place to hide.

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen!!
Meet Bonnie the rescue pitbull , who has become the most famous pitbull on the internet.

Her owner was in the backyard playing with a Go-pro attached to a ping pong paddle when decided to Bonnie steal it and have a joyful run around the house.

The whole thing was hilariously caught on video The eye movements are hilarious! So adorable..

You can see the sheer joy in her eyes as she teases her human and animal companions.The best part is when he stops, then goes again when he sees the guy chasing him. He’s absolutely having a blast and deliberately staying just out of reach so he gets chased. It’s a game to him and he’s so excited to win.

The angle of the camera is perfect to see the people and other dogs who are trying to catch her.

Her owners and fellow pooches can be seen in the amusing footage chasing the dog but she races away.

Some say she’s still running to this day.