Pitbull is man’s best friend, and also a child’s guardian.

A family Pitbull named Buddy followed his three-year-old kid when he strayed into the forested areas close to their Florida home. The kid’s mother became unglued when she saw her child was absent. She called 911 and revealed to them the kid was happening in the yard with his kin yet strayed.


During the call, the mother told the Dispatcher, “that the family’s dog, Buddy, was additionally absent, and dared to be with the kid.” Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office and K-9 units from Suwannee Correctional Institution headed into the forested areas to look for the missing youngster and his dog.

The dedicated dog never left the young man’s side and even made neighbors aware of their area. “A brief time later, a close-by neighbor called 911 and expressed that he found a little kid and dog in the forested areas, yet the dog wouldn’t let him get close the child,” reported police.

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Be that as it may, when police showed up Buddy let them lead him and the kid back home.

Officials lauded Buddy for securing the kid and said, “Luckily, we had the option to rejoin the kid with his mom, thanks partially to ‘man’s closest companion’ and an alarmed neighbor.”


Officials were by all account not the only ones to commend Buddy, adherents rushed to remark on what a decent kid he is. One stated,“That is a great dog! So thankful he was watching his human brother!” Another wrote, ”Not only am I super happy for the outcome. But I am also excited that the protector was a pit bull! This is why they were originally known as nanny dogs!! They love and protect their kids!”

However, another commented on how pitbull makes extraordinary family dogs. “And OF COURSE it’s a pitbull ❤️ Best family dogs there are. Best boy!”

The legend pitbull ‘s story has circulated around the web with over 60K offers. Ideally, it will assist adjust with people’s perspectives on the breed.