Meet Princess Pixie!

Pixie is a valuable 5-week-old PitBull dog who managed to flee her home and search for a shelter in a family’s backyard, where she was bending in pain.

Pixie, a 5 Weeks Old Puppy


When they spotted her, they thought that somebody had burned her. They instantly reached the LifeLine Animal Project.

When the saviors from (LifeLine Animal Project) came, they were so sad to see such a little puppy have open injuries that are oozing on her hairless body shocking scabs.

Pixie, a 5 Weeks Old Puppy


They also saw Pixie’s bad health. But, they knew that no one sat her on fire.

Pixie was put with Daphne Bragg, who is a child care volunteer.

For some weeks, Daphne watched out for Pixie’s abandoned and infected skin. She gave her cured showers and even acquainted her with different mutts in to assist lift with getting over her horrible past.

Pixie, a 5 Weeks Old Puppy
Pixie is a warrior; she began mending when Daphne began dealing with her, and when she got so much love and love from her non-permanent family and doggie brothers.

But, it was Elliot, who is Daphne’s developed Pit Bull, who encouraged Pixie!

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Elliot, the pitbull, was an infected dog who was protected. Perhaps that is the reason he resounded with Pixie’s agony and battles and associated with her on a lot further level.

5 Weeks Old Puppy Looked Like She Was Set on Fire, but Why? |

In addition to the fact that he helped Pixie with her recuperation. However, he gave her an extremely extraordinary and little dog training!

Did Daphne adopt Pixie after she fully recovered?

After Pixie got completely better, she found a wonderful home that would be her eternity home. Daphne and her dogs had an extremely difficult time for her. However, they felt happy that she will never be abandoned again.

Pixie, a 5 Weeks Old Puppy