This poisoned dog is literally crying after what he faced by some cruel men. They sent his innocent life to death with their cold hearts.

poisoned dog
poor dog in tears

This is the highest level of brutality. The dog has faced this cruelty from some rough-hearted men. Some men killed the dog, the poisoned him. Before his death, the poisoned dog had tears in his eyes.

woefully, we’ve witnessed a lot of people harming, killing, and even spoliating these poor animals. These innocent pups are sometimes even being abandoned in the streets to starve and to die, while some experience abuse of a very high level inside the houses. But this is the story of nothing but a cruel group of people, who poisoned a poor dog.

They were trying to steal something but the dog kept barking at them so he has to suffer the death due to his loyalty. Every dog is precious to their owner, Achy Wijaya was extremely sad and broken after she discovered her beloved dog dying from the poison the next morning. This incident of this loyal, brave and amazing dog belongs to Indonesia.

Video Source: Didar

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