A tall, dark, and lovely Labrador was discovered looking frightened, depressed, weak, and hungry in India, East Delhi. It worked out this valuable dog was neglected by his folks in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic panic.

After he was neglected by who he once accepted to be his caring parents. The dog looks for a place in a building that is still under development.

abandoned animals in india

Fortunately, someone knew about his horrible case and took United, which is a social welfare society.

“Stray dogs had begun attacking him, he was in a very weak condition,” said Nidhi Sharma. “We call him Buzzo now.”

Buzzo now is living with his lovely family in Meerut.

“He is a happy child who loves to go on bike rides, not realizing he is a little overgrown for that,” stated Sharma.

Sadly, not every neglected pet gets another chance like Buzzo. “We just lost a beagle pup, whom we suspect was poisoned by his owners before he was left on the streets,” stated Sharma.

Places in India are being empty due to the Coronavirus disaster and quarantine, leaving the streets to be empty from humans. But very busy by new residents, the neglected pets!

People have known online that 2 dogs and cats diagnosed with coronavirus. And chose to abandon their furry best friends, as simple as that!

But, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), stated that these animals probably got infected by COVID-19 from their owners, so this act of neglect is not even valid.

The AVMA also assured people, particularly pet owners, that these few cases that have been reported should not make us scared or be even be alarmed.

abandoned animals in india

“A lot of this is happening because of misinformation that went viral earlier about pets being carriers of the virus in China. It turned out to be fake, of course, but a lot of damage has been done now,” stated Vikram Kochhar, a member of the People For Animals (PFA).

PFA is one of the biggest animal organizations in India that was established by politician Maneka Gandhi.

“Besides the few exceptions, it is quite rare for the virus or any other kind of disease to be transmitted to humans directly from the animals.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) also stated that animals cannot transmit coronavirus to people. However, scientific proof doesn’t appear to calm down the fear that this worldwide pandemic caused.

“The situation is very frightening,” stated Sharma. “We are exhausted explaining to the families that their dogs will not spread coronavirus, but nobody listens.”

A month ago, Maharashtra’s health minister asked pet proprietors not to neglect their pets. After the state saw several pets being surrendered on the streets because of the pandemic-caused fear.

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On March 25th, PM Narendra Modi asked the country to take care of the lost pets. His administration requested that different states give any clinical assistance these homeless pets need during the 21-day lockdown.

“Despite the prime minister’s appeal, people just do not listen. When we go out to feed them, the police ask us to return home,” said Sharma.

Sadly, the opposition of the police towards the lost creatures doesn’t stop here. You will have a hard time believing what the cops told the activists:

“A cop once even asked us to stop wasting food on animals. And instead share the eatables with them,” Sharma told Quartz.

However, animal lovers didn’t give up!

“Our volunteers are going out every day to feed the animals,” Kochhar said. “We are also educating people that the strays or their pets will not transmit the COVID-19.”

We are so glad the Government of India is doing everything they can to save stray pets who got abandoned.