Police broke into two houses in Madrid, Spain, when they knew that an illegal breeding operation was taking place.

Illegal Breeding

Policemen found 270 dogs, most of them are Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians in miserable status. Also, the breeders divided the basements of the houses into an illegal breeding area and sales area. They put the dogs crowded in small cages and many had muffled sounds.

A spokesperson for the police said, “Some dogs had a very attenuated bark. After performing the appropriate tests, they found that they had undergone a cordectomy-section of the vocal cords. The procedure was carried out possibly so that they did not bark and not alert neighbors to the existence of an illegal hatchery.”

Illegal Breeding

The savage process name is ‘debarking’ and they use it to soften or remove a dog’s bark. However, it usually makes a muffled noise. Policemen thought that the breeders did not want the dogs to bring attention to their illegal procedures, so they debarked them.

Policemen arrested five people after the attacks on the two houses in Meco and Arganda Del Rey. Police reported that two vets were with the people arrested for their engagement in the highly profitable illegal operation. The veterinarians provided microchips and stamped certificates for each dog to make the operation appear legal.

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Policía Nacional posted that the arrested group “allegedly formed one of the main distributors of dogs at the European level”.

Moreover, many of the little dogs welcomed their rescuers with wagging tails and attempted to bark. Police posted a video of one of the raids which showed so many cages filled with poor pups. Some of the dogs were still nursing puppies and others pawed at the cage to be freed.

Police and rescue workers loaded all the dogs onto a van. Then, they brought them to local shelters to take care of them until they finish the investigation.

However, locals and people all over the world were thankful for the officers for their fast work. Also, for saving the poor dogs. One person wrote, “Congratulations on the work, I hope those animals come out for adoption and find good families that give them all the love and affection they haven’t had so far 👏👏.”

Finally, watch as officers rescue the innocent dogs from the basement of one of the homes in the video below. If you see something that looks suspicious, say something. Be a voice for the voiceless.