Simon the kitten has decided he likes Bailey the dog’s bed and makes it his own. But the Golden Retriever is none too pleased!

Bailey is first curious as to why Simon is in his bed and barks to encourage the kitten to get off. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, that’s my bed Simon.” But when that doesn’t work he then adorably tries to flip the kitty out (ever so gently, as he’s a very polite Golden, after all).

Then he plonks his head down on the bed and tries to get used to the idea of sharing. But soon he’s lying next to the bed and that’s when Simon decides that Bailey might just be a lot more comfy than the bed!

The adorable video has garnered over 22 million views over the past few months in large part because viewers are enamoured with Bailey.

One viewer commented how Bailey “went through all 5 stages of grief in two minutes: denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance.”

Another noted how sweet Bailey was. “I like how the dog doesn’t even appear that upset, just confused and mildly frustrated that his bed has been commandeered by a weird hissing puppy.”

“Goldens are so sweet,” said an obvious dog lover. “You can tell he’s mad but doesn’t want to be mean.”

And someone else commented, “I love how even when he’s trying to get the kitten out of his bed he’s still being gentle. When he flips up the bed he stops before he gets to the kitten and then immediately checks on it. He could have flipped the whole bed or picked up the kitten but he didn’t want to hurt it, even if it took his bed.”

Bailey may not realize it yet, but we think he’s become a big fluffy father figure to Simon. Get used to sharing that bed, Bailey!