Mya is a cute little Pomeranian-Husky Mix who is gaining a lot of attention thanks to her very, very unique look. She certainly gets the double-take wherever she goes.

That is because Mya looks like a fox!

Pomeranian-Husky Mix

In any case, this interesting young lady isn’t really a fox. She is only a dog with some extremely fantastic looks.

Mya is a “Pomsky,” which is a combination of a Pomeranian and Husky. The outcome is an exceptionally hitting dog with copper-hued hide and cold blue eyes. That blend makes her look especially like a fox.

What’s more, since she looks like a fox, her photos online have prompted a ton of consideration. This rich dog has become a viral sensation and we can get why.

Because of her sleep, inducing pictures, this little dog has earned herself 40,000 devotees on Instagram. What’s more, we’re certain the numbers will rise since this present dog’s look is so cool!

You can see a portion of her photos beneath:

Pomeranian-Husky Mix Pomeranian-Husky Mix Pomeranian-Husky Mix Pomeranian-Husky Mix

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