There has to be a way in which animal abusers are punished. However, in most cases, animal abusers get away easily. Animals do not get the same value as humans do. That has resulted in many animal abusers getting the free stick when they abuse an animal. Such was the fate of a South Australian man. He tied the snout of his German Shepherd with a cable tie.

dog with tied muzzle

The dog is named Chloe. It is unclear whether such an act from the owner is unprecedented or not. It is not natural to tie the snout of a dog. The neighbors were able to find that the dog, helpless, with a cable wire wrapped around his snout. It was over 4 hours since the owner had departed. The dog was in extreme distressed and was having breathing issues. That’s when the rescuers arrived, examined the helpless dog and freed him.

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The lawyer of the owner is of the opinion that the man may have forgotten to untie the cable wire from the muzzle. As per an official in RSPCA, dogs don’t have sweat glands and so, salivating and panting is the one way they radiate out the heat and stay cool. Tying up the dog’s nuzzle, especially during this warm season, can be fatal.

dog finally freed

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The rescuers untied the cable tie and gave the dog food and water. The man was prosecuted and he just walked away with a hefty behavior bond of $200 for 2 months. He had to pay about $1600 in legal costs and vet costs. The abuser cannot own any animal type as ordered by the court.

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Posted by RSPCA South Australia on Friday, October 4, 2019

Now Chloe has been brought to a new home and he enjoys it a lot.

Credit: RSPCA South Australia/Facebook