Program by a City to Make Street Dogs’ Lives Easier. Soledad de Graciano Sanchez in Mexico starts a programs that is taking steps to increase good health for the animals. Not only pets, even stray animals that lives in the streets!

Around 300,000 stray dogs are in the need of basic care. Due to that, the government is looking towards providing the needs of these homeless dogs.

ComeDog is one of the city initiatives to bond together with the citizens to help these stray dogs. group Respuesta Ciudadana, City Hall put 15 food dispensers in areas where the stray dogs live. In result, these homeless pups find a way to full their empty tummies. People of tehe city donated the food in the dispensers. And Respuesta Ciudadana will be responsible to make sure these dispensers are always filled for our furry friends on the streets.

Mayor Gilberto Hernandez Villafuente stressed the importance of the cooperation of the people in providing a safe, caring environment for strays, “Today I realize how many people appreciate this program, we have been congratulated by different means and, well, I am going to ask you to participate and help us to have a very successful refuge.”

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Furthermore, the city provided ambulances offering care for stray dogs and home pets. Ambudog is the first animal ambulance. Ambudog has veterinarians who can offer free healthcare for all animals. Which includes vaccinations and spay/neuter in order to put an end to pet homelessness in the future.

Dolores Elisa García Román, Director of Municipal Services Soledad de Graciano Sánchez says, “There is an infectious picture when the puppy is born and if a month and a half is not vaccinated mainly by distemper or parvovirus, there is a contagion, both in people and animals, then this ambulance will be taken to all the suburbs to attend to all the puppies.”

Therefore, these two programs are not the only programs, it’s just the beginning. Also, other cities are willing to follow Soledad by starting similar programs for street animals.