Children usually write letters to Santa at the end of the year asking him for things and even ask him for dogs. So, It seems so cruel that someone abandons his dog with a note from Santa! That’s not how Santa actually works!

In a park in Hurricane, near Arizona Border, a 10-month-old dog was found alone. He was wearing a harness with a handwritten note “Dog pound; from Santa Claus.” The letter introduced Oscar. He is 10 months old, loves kids, very active and house trained.

Moreover, A city park employee found him and instantly called the animal control. The  Hurricane Animal Shelter transferred Oscar for a check up. Then, rescuers took him.  He was in a good health and obviously he wasn’t alone from too long.

Oscar’s note

Nonetheless, Oscar was very afraid from his distress. The suffering would be scary for any dog, especially in his young age. After all, Oscar was harshly abandoned by some carless person whom he loved and trusted. The baby pup is still trying to accept what happened.

“Oscar is scared of his own shadow right now, but this is an incredibly sweet dog,” Tracy Sahleen, a shelter volunteer, stated in St. George News. (Salhleen also explained what most of us were already thinking: Santa would never discard a puppy alone. That’s just aggressive.)


Oscar’s ex family is still unknown. But the Hurricane Animal Shelter is already trying to find him another loving family to adopt him.