Like us humans, animals too form good friendships. This puppy and mama cow duo is an example of this. Rookie is a pup whose mother died right after bringing him into this world. Fortunately, he found a brown cow in the nearby farm who decided to raise Rookie as her own.

For 2 years, they were inseparable. They ate, played, and slept together. Rookie slept on his mama’s back and hid in between her legs when scared. As a result, they became very close and loved each other dearly.

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But a sad event occurred and the farmer who owned the cow decided to sell her due to financial reasons. This incident left the pup aghast, he was devastated. He was crying and yelping, refusing to eat anything until he sees his mama cow. Separating a child from his mother and friend is always painful for both. The puppy and the mama cow were both experiencing this pain. Once Rookie ran to the farm the cow was living in, after listening to her mooing.

All this was enough to melt the farmer’s heart who thought it best to bring back the cow. The little pup couldn’t have been happier to see his mama back!

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The vet suggested that the puppy should be better socialized with other dogs. He has become too dependent on the mama cow for all his needs which can be problematic.

The puppy and mama cow show us that friendship can be formed between widely unrelated beings. That maternal love and care are universally present in every heart.