Reddit saw a controversy arise when a user, Anna, posted about her story. In a difficult situation, she had to choose between putting her boyfriend’s dog to sleep or keeping her alive. She chose the former but putting down her boyfriend’s dog cost her dearly.

Luna, her boyfriend’s dog, was out on a walk with her when another dog attacked her. The other dog was not on a leash and his owner was visibly anxious about it. As they walked past each other, the other dog tried to come towards Anna and Luna.

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After a few minutes, Anna heard the other woman shouting at her dog. As she turned back she saw the dog charging towards them. Luna was badly bitten by the dog on her throat, stomach, and legs.

putting down her boyfriend’s dog

Image: Reddit

Anna took Luna to the vet with help from another person. The doctor said the best thing to do in this situation is to euthanize Luna. Putting down her boyfriend’s dog was a tough decision but she took it. Luna was put to death to relieve her pain.

This incident, however, was unknown to Anna’s boyfriend as he was out of town this whole time. She did not call him and tell about Luna as it would have ruined his trip.

putting down her boyfriend’s dog

Image: Reddit

When her boyfriend came back, she broke the news to him. His reaction was not the best and he stopped talking to her. Later, he decided to break up with her and asked her to leave.

This became a matter of debate on Reddit, people started taking sides. Some thought that Anna did wrong in killing and cremating Luna without her owner. While others claim her decision to be right because otherwise, Luna would have died a painful death.

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It is extremely difficult to take sides in this case. Maybe considering her boyfriend’s trip over his dog’s death was kind of Anna. But grieving her without him was probably not as right. Putting down her boyfriend’s dog resulted in her losing him.

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