Meet Juniper. This cute fox was rescued when she was bought from a fur rancher and had her life saved when she was just half a month old. She’s a cordial and cheerful young lady.

Since being rescued, she has been raised by Jessika Coker, a Florida resident who lives in the Panhandle region. Different people from Juniper’s creature family incorporate an Australian Shepherd blend named Moose. Also, another fox named Fig, 2 Sugar Gliders named Petunia and Peach and a few reptiles.



You may think that Juniper should incline toward Fig, the other fox. In any case, you might not be right! Since the time Juniper was a little unit, she’s had a solid bond with Moose, the dog. They are in every case together. They eat, rest and play with each other throughout the day and night.

“Juniper is in love with Moose and spends all day trying to get as much of his attention as possible,” said Jessika.


“I brought Juniper home when she was only five weeks old. Moose was raised around all kinds of animals so when she ran up to him tail wagging and crying they were instantly friends.”

Both the fox and her closest companion had an unpleasant beginning. Fortunately they were rescued and found one another.

dog and fox friendship



“Since Juniper was minor when we brought her home he quickly played the job of the watchman. She’s likewise cherished him from the day,” Jessika remarked.

There still are a few differences among a dog and a fox that cause confusion for poor Moose.


“Foxes are [lying down] on things they need to claim or believe is theirs. Moose gets sat on day by day. I’ll regularly stroll into the room and see Moose setting down with such a morose look all over while Juniper is there simply sitting on this head grinning,” said Jessika.

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…and we’ll always be friends forever, won’t we?

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