Henry, a senior beagle from West Virginia, might be an elderly dog. However, he won’t let his old age stop him from his best activity ever, which is, chasing rabbits.

Sadly for old Henry, his chasing abilities aren’t exactly what they used to be. A valid example is that he had a bad accident with a bunny who defeated the elderly dog by escaping into the underground. However, when old Henry followed, the dog quickly stalled out. Also, Henry had to watch the bunny jump off to opportunity, he was now stuck underground where no one could see him.

elderly dog

Henry’s issue truly scared his owners, who began brushing the property when the missing beagle never returned from his break. They could hear him barking, yet the dog was no place in sight. Was it a phantom?

What was happening?

Elderly Dog

After that, the owners called Franklin County Animal Control and Shelter. They followed the sound of the dog and they dug to find him underground.

“Happy ending for sweet elderly Henry,” rescuers wrote on Facebook. “He was doing what any curious rabbit chasing beagle does…he managed to chase something in a hole on his property.”

elderly dog

With assistance from the nearby local group of firefighters, rescuers figured out how to securely separate the old dog from this strange pickle. “Glad to state Henry is fine!” they composed. “He didn’t encounter any agony during the salvage, only somewhat cool, parched and tired!

Elderly Dog

After they pulled him from the car, a difficult mission accomplished with the assistance of exceptional metal-twisting instruments — the appreciative dog simply needed to snuggle with rescuers. So, his family immediately arranged the elderly dog’s best spot before the fire.

It’s impossible to say how this difficulty may influence Henry’s future chasing undertakings. However, we’re simply happy that Henry came back to his family and he is safe now.

Happy chasing, Henry!