Residents of a neighborhood are distressed at the sight of dogs being dumped regularly near their homes. Tammy Holton, a resident of this Northside area of Jacksonville in the state of Florida, was horrified at the discovery. And it has been happening regularly, she says. Holton saw the dead dogs dumped in garbage cans near the road.

Holton is appalled that someone could inflict such cruelty on man’s best friend. She wants the police to investigate and find out those responsible for killing the dogs and dumping them in the neighborhood. She has even seen a dog burnt beyond recognition. Two to three dead dogs are often dumped at a time in the same place.

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She says she has contacted The Humane Society, the city authorities and JSO. The dead dogs were removed every time but Holton feels that there is a need to investigate further. Something more has to be done to put a stop to these incidents. She feels that the authorities need to partner up with JSO and catch the culprits.

To kill any animal unnecessarily is a misdemeanor of the first degree. Further, it is a felony of the third degree to subject animals to the cruelty that causes their death. Both these crimes can result in several years in jail and hefty fines that can cost the offenders thousands.

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Animal abuse normally indicates deliberate harming or hurting an animal. But it also includes a lack of proper care of an animal. So even just neglecting an animal is punishable by law throughout America. The dead dogs being dumped in the Northside neighborhood seems to a sinister effort at eliminating dogs for some unusual, sadistic reason. The burnt corpse of the dog is particularly distressing and needs immediate investigation.