The reunion stories are so heartwarming. See how amazing it was when this dog found his best friend after 2 years! In June 2019, an animal shelter in Ukraine rescued a messy, abandoned blue-eyed dog who had been living in the city. Poor people dog was withered, and he was canvassed in mange.

The shelter gave the dog heaps of nourishment and drug. At that point, they began searching for the suitable loving home for him.

The shelter shared a photograph of the dog on their Facebook page. Since the dog was in a bad way, they figured it is difficult to get individuals intrigued by him. Be that as it may, to the shelter’s amazement, the dog’s dismal blue eyes pulled in loads of Facebook clients’ consideration. The post was shared on many occasions!

Two days after the shelter posted the photograph, a lady reached the shelter and said the pup resembled her missing dog.


The lady clarified that her dog, Lord, had been taken from her yard in 2017. She was crushed by her misfortune—she missed him frightfully.

“She’d been searching for her dog for a long time,” shelter specialist Galina Lekunova stated.

The following day, the lady went to the shelter to meet the dog. The shelter took an inspiring video of the reunion.


The dog and lady moved toward one another, both somewhat reluctant and anxious. At that point, the dog’s tail began swaying. He hopped up and embraced the lady, and she promptly began crying. Obviously this truly was Lord!

“Fabulous Monday! Tears of delight in the first part of the day!” the shelter composed on their Facebook page. “This time, the proprietors were searching for him, posted photographs in gatherings. What’s more, here it is – a supernatural occurrence. On account of your repost, the dog was seen by a family friend living in Australia also!!! I called the proprietors and they scrambled for their fortune!”

Take a look at the inspiring reunion video!

The shelter additionally expressed gratitude toward everybody for sharing their post and helping Lord and his mother rejoin.

“We thank everybody who shared our post,” the shelter composed. “On account of you that the dog’s life was spared, and harmony came back to his proprietor’s spirit!”


However, the video of the tragic reunion immediately circulated around the web, accepting over a million perspectives. Everybody was moved by the amount Lord and his mother adored one another.

“This dog paused for a minute and afterward it was, sniff, ‘MOM!!!!! Its you MOM!!! You discovered me!!!! Mother Mom !!!!!’ I am cried upbeat tears as I type this. Much obliged to you for recovering this family together,” one analyst composed.


So, Ruler and his mother plainly have a stunning bond, and we’re so happy they’re back together! In the event that you need to see the minute Lord and his mother perceived one another, look at the video beneath.