Rottweiler wakes up to find that his friend had passed during the night and gone to heaven. rottweiler does not want to leave him and will not budge, rex has never whined or cried out in pain the two years I have had him…But clearly you can see in his eyes, he is crying for his brother who had passed as his world around him just crumbled.

This is proof that animals DO have emotions and feel pain just like we do :'( Please share this heartbreaking story everywhere and let it go viral…Let the world know rottweilers feel love and pain just like us.

SHARE I’m so sorry you guys…I wasn’t strong enough and had a breakdown in front of the dogs.

Rottweiler Cries When He Finds Friend Passed Away

Rottweiler Cries When He Finds Friend Passed Away

Posted by Rottweiler Today on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

. I normally don’t video record my real life catastrophes or share but decided I needed to send a message to the world and show how much pain my dog was in as he loved his friend so much :'(