A tiny puppy dressed up as a spider gives a Rottweiler a big scare and chases him around the room. In the adorable video, the French Bulldog puppy is wearing a doggie Halloween costume that makes him look like a black spider. His big brother – a Rottweiler – takes one look at the pup and runs away and flees to the couch!

Viewers loved the exchange with one writing, “Little pup doesn’t know why the big guy is scared of him, but he definitely loves it!”

Another wrote, “I don’t think the big guy is scared, he is more like enjoying the moment of the little pupper going after him.”

It looks like the two dogs are having a lot of fun and the Rottie isn’t really frightened of the pup, he’s just being playful. What do you think? Is the big dog scared of the spider pup?