Rottweilers love to stay at home with people. They should not be left alone as they will become destructive, aggressive and bored. But they need to stay in a fenced yard, to safeguard him from other dogs and other strangers coming to your home. An underground electric fence will not be ideal if your dog wants to go out. He explores and learns new things with a desire to make you happy. You can easily housetrain them by following a consistent schedule.

In this video the owner left his rottweiler home alone with gopro camera to see what he will do in his absence but He didn’t appreciate being left alone by himself. Check out around 5:15. He has never done that before! I’m never leaving anywhere without him!

In Germany it is illegal to leave your dog home for more than four hours a day. They don’t have chicken factories, or pig and cow factories. They treat animals with dignity and respect.

A lot of people are mad about the toilet water. The toilet/water is clean. its the same water from the faucet. But I get it, it is the toilet, and I wouldn’t wanna drink from that either. I will keep my bathroom closed completely. Sorry! Please forgive me. Let me know what other topics I should make with Bruno!