Rottweiler makes a wonderful companion…when placed in the right hands. If you have done your research, surveyed your home, analyzed your lifestyle (and bank account), and feel you are ready for the commitment, then congratulations! You will be rewarded with a true friend.

Rottweilers Friendship with Animals

Best Friends <3 <3 <3 <3

Posted by Dogs on Sunday, August 12, 2018

kpettway1 says : I can’t believe I am posting a cute animal video. But I couldn’t resist. This is ridiculous. Either the my folk’s cat is the bravest animal in the world or their 140 lb rottweiler is a big pussy (cat).

Gabrielle Svenberg says : My cat and dog are both around the same age and they love to play fight like this everyday. They cuddle with each other too

Delly Says: I’ve got your back! Adorable Chimpanzee and two rottweilers have become best friends Chimpanzee life can be pretty hilarious. Especially when Rottweiler Dogs are involved. A Chimpanzee who was separated from its family at birth has become the unlikely friend of two rottweiler dogs . Take this Amazing scene from friend home , where the chimpanzee meet and play with the two Rottweilers dog.

STORYTRENDER : A TINY hamster has struck up an unlikely friendship with a six-and-a- half stone Rottweiler.