When Rescuers discovered Perry, the 10-year-old Pyrenees, she was a senior dog abandoned out of the shelter with a distressing message that includes 7 words:

Over 10 yrs old. Can no longer walk”

Read the note below:

Senior Dog Abandoned Outside Animal Shelter With Just a 7-Words Note |

Rescuers brought the dog in and began to check him. They discovered that the dog’s paralysis may have happened by years of abandonment. The Veterinarian said that Perry has two types of Lyme disease.

The rescuers then knew that he had nothing wrong, he was ill. Their theory was proven just a few days later.

After he had physical therapy and LTC, Perry was back on his feet and turn into a totally new dog.

Senior Dog Abandoned Outside Animal Shelter With Just a 7-Words Note |

Then, Perry’s story was shared on social media and it has caught the attention of many people. They were concerned about the dog’s wellbeing. With each other, dog lovers have collected $6,000 for Perry’s medical care, letting the rescuers help the dog to recover his health after years of cruelty.

Also, Perry’s previous owner, though, was found guilty of being cruel and for not providing his dog with vet care, which could have to stop all of this. Happily, his rescuers could turn this sad distress into proof of why people have to take care of their animals and never neglect them.

***While we are not happy that this has happened, we hope everyone can view this as an educational event. We do not know…

“We try to take action immediately where we can, but our biggest point was to make people understand why it’s not okay to do that,” Said Wilcox.

Also, noted that there are resources for taking care of your pets. (If you find yourself in such a situation you can contact local shelters or humane societies.)

Now, the physical therapist of perry fostered him and so happy to pamper the dog after years of abandonment.

They’ve already bought so much stuff for him, he’s going to be spoiled, so he definitely deserves that.”

Watch the video below of Perry walking!