A Specially trained service dog has made life easier for a 20-year-old man from New Jersey.  Living a normal life is a tough task for Giovani Corporan. But the introduction of this dog has made his life much easier as this service dog predicts seizures which have afflicted this man for the past 6 years.

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Specially trained service dogs can predict seizures or epilepsy in patients and can also comfort them after a seizure. In a way, they also prevent them by reducing stress which is often a cause for the seizure.

Giovani Corporan’s life has always been that way since he had his first seizure at the age of 14. On average, he has 78 seizures a day. His father was helpless and all he could do was to stick his fingers in Giovani’s mouth to prevent him choking, and give his CPR every time. Their biggest fear was that someone would not be around when that happened.

But Nick Corporan can breathe a little easier now with the arrival of Wrangler, a service dog, into their household. Giovani’s new partner has a special ability.  This trained service dog predicts seizures and also comforts and protects Giovani. Nick is delighted at how quickly his son has bonded with the dog.

Wrangler came into their family through New Hope Assistance Dogs, a program that helps people, including children and veterans, with special needs. These service dogs, sometimes also referred to as seizure dogs, are placed in their house and provide assistance that helps the people and gives their family some respite.

The president of the program, Tammy Rogers, says that these trained dogs pick up chemicals that signal changes in the body just before a seizure. There is a change in the heartbeat and over a total transformation occurs in the system.

Rogers has always been training such dogs from a young age and has made it her life mission to help people in this way.

If such service dogs predict seizures, it can mean the difference between life and death. A few moments are all it takes for a patient to sit or lie down if they are put on alert.

The Corporans say that the number of seizures suffered by Giovani has steadily gone down ever since Wrangler has come into their household. This strengthens the belief that not only do these service dogs predict seizures, they even prevent seizures by their comforting presence.

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Watch this video on how seizure dogs can detect seizures.

Seizure dogs are lifesavers who can warn the victim. They can get to a safe place and won’t get injured by falling down and hitting their heads. Seizure dogs are a boon to humankind.