Don’t shop, adopt – it’s a motto that going on for a long time. And for good reason too – there are many animals in pet centers looking for a lovely home. They have been mistreated in the past or abandoned, but these animals have not given up their trust in human beings. They are still hopeful that a kind-hearted hooman will come and take them and give them loads of love.

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Such an aspiring dog has been living in the shelter for about 2 years. She has been named Baby Girl. This shelter dog is almost 4 years old and loves cuddling and playing. However, Shelby Backhus, the director, mentions that she can take a little bit of time before warming up to complete strangers. That’s understandable – after all, many dogs have gone through terrible things in the past which makes them a bit distrustful about human beings. Baby Girl is a shepherd mix. She remained a shelter dog without a proper home from 2017, December. The center is located at Capital Made Society in Lincoln.

shelter dog

Backhus mentions that Baby Girl, while friendly, does not appreciate other pets. She has a history of biting another dog. However, she can slowly become a good companion dog. So, Backhus suggests not to keep other dogs with her.

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Baby Girl has been in the enrichment program of the center for a long time. She is a happy little dog and loves to play and walk around once she knows you. She loves attention. She also loves peanut butter filled kongs, stuffed animals and frozen treats. So, there’s no hassle. The center also has a 6-foot tall privacy fence to keep her comfortable which they can provide to the owners.

If you are looking to adopt Baby Girl, you can contact Humane Society’s Pieloch Pet Adoption Center at 402-441-4488. They will get you an appointment. You can go to their website too.