Have you ever organized a spectacular event for your lovable dog? If not, then let us tell you an interesting fact! Nearly 11% of the Americans have thrown a party for their pups, and approximately 30% of them give presents to their dogs.  

It is needless to say that a dog is one of the best companions that anybody could have.  

Doesn’t this make it all the more important to make these furry pals feel loved and special? The answer is – yes, it is supremely important to make them feel exhilarated as they complete your lives. And if you think the same, then it is time to organize a perfect pet “pawty” for your “pawsome” friend.  

Looking for the ideas that can blow out the mind of your pooch as well as the other pooches and pet owners? Welcome to the right place! We have got a perfect recipe to throw a top-notch party for your dog. So, without any further ado, dig deep and cherry-pick the things that work well for you.  

A dog-friendly venue – The first and foremost requirement to ensure the success of any event is the selection of venue. Don’t worry if your home isn’t ready to be the venue itself. There are multiple options to consider. Want to know what they are? The answer is – dog parks, rooftop terraces, or the backyard. And if you reside in colder areas, opt for indoor venues like rooms without carpeting. 

Additionally, if you want to make it more happening, a dog-friendly pub or restaurant will fetch you with all the fun. When finalizing the venue, ensure to get a spacious place. The reason being – these furry friends require plenty of space to wiggle and mingle in the room. Hence, decide the right venue as the initial point. 

Invite with care – No party is complete without guests but keep a few things in mind while inviting them. The prime one is – with how many other dogs your pet feels comfortable around. Also, ensure not to bring any new pet into the show as your pet might feel uncomfortable. 

If your lovely pooch is shy, keep the gathering an intimate affair. But if your pet is a cynosure, you can go ahead with inviting all his play friends. Ensure that you are not inviting many dogs in a confined area as it will make them uncomfortable. 

Set up the theme – It’s time to make your pet jump with joy. Hence, gather the whole squad of pups together and look for the party’ inspiration. The themes could range from a carnival party to a Hollywood party, to name a few.   

Decorate the place with paw-printed tablecloths. You can make your four-legged friend the center of attraction by dressing him up in pet apparel and accessories like hats or collars. Seize the moments with quirky dog party themes and let your creativity excel.  

Dog-friendly activities – How are you going to keep these pooches busy in the celebration? If you have not planned that yet, then we are here to help you. Pick up some toys for them like Frisbee, bone toys, and there are many options available in the market. Do not forget to install a photo booth in the venue so that you could capture some “pawsome” pictures with these pets.   

Let’s get you introduced to an activity called Doggy Ball Pit. You must have done jumping into ball pits in your childhood. Can you imagine these furry pals doing the same? Make them run around to fetch the attractive and colorful plastic balls. They will definitely find it entertaining to do. Moreover, you will also love it to watch them enjoying the day in full zeal. You can get some tennis balls as an alternative for the same. If your venue doesn’t have a pit, dump out various balls in the venue and let the fun begin.  

Creativity with pet treats – You all prepare special treats for your human friends, but a dog deserves a remarkable treatment too. Thus, offer them your care in the form of pet treats which can include nuggets, cupcakes, ice-creams, and many more. Before including these things, ask pet-parents in advance for any special dietary requirement that their furball might be having.  

In addition to this, include plenty of fresh water for this squad. It is your responsibility to keep them hydrated as they will play for long hours. So, put the fresh water in several bowls around the venue and let these pooches enjoy without any worry. 

Spice it up with the music – Can you think of having a party without music? Obviously not! But it’s all about a dog party. And for that, let us surprise you by saying that you can play the music that goes along with your theme. That means playing music about the dogs is the best thing that you can do. 

Don’t believe us? Look for these songs on the internet and prepare a special playlist. Folks, you can’t miss out on this aspect. So, be prepared.  

Now some return gifts – After hosting an impeccable party, it is time to say goodbye to all the guests out there. And here is where the return gifts mark the entry. You can return the party favors to the pet owners in the form of pupcakes so that they can treat their pooch with them later on.  

Making some plastic gift bags, adding recipe cards, or a thank you note is yet another idea. In this way, you can be the best host to this spell-bounding “pawty.” 

To sum it up all 

You have thrown a smashing party, and now it’s time to wind up. All the doggos were the rockstar of this celebration. Therefore, give them some peaceful time. How about giving them a cozy blanket to snuggle with? They will definitely feel at peace with this.  

At last, remember to organize parties like these because a dog always supports you through thick and thin. And it can’t be more right when Jerome K. Jerome said – 

“They [dogs] never talk about themselves but listen to you while you talk about yourself, and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation.”  

So, make time for them and give them the chance to rock and roll with a bang.