When a new little fluffy tenant appears in the house, the issue of his upbringing must be approached very responsibly. From that moment on, many things, such as entertainment and “hunting” for the 22Bet bonus, long walks in the rain, sleep until 1 pm, will have to be postponed. And to throw all the forces on the education of this little miracle.  

It is important to know that training and his education are different concepts! In the process of raising a puppy, you should not force him to fulfill your requirements, he should be willing and willing to do everything on his own. The exact fulfillment of your requirements and commands must be achieved when the training process begins. Training begins from the moment when your dog has developed mentally and physically (each breed has its own timing, but a lot depends on you).  

During the upbringing period, you must, first of all, learn to understand your pet yourself, this is achieved by observation. Play with him as often as possible, your task is for him to love you, be patient. Do not punish him for a misdemeanor committed 510 minutes ago, he will accept the punishment for what he did immediately at that moment. So you will only lose contact with your pets. It is recommended to punish a dog only in those cases when it has shown aggression towards you, in other cases it is more reasonable to apply censure. 

For a more complete upbringing, the following commands will help you: 

  • The command to me for the dog should be the most joyful, it must be pronounced in the place with the nickname (Charlie, to me). Observe which of the treats the dog loves the most and, beckoning, give it a treat. If the dog does not fit, draw attention with gestures, sit down, clap your hands or beckon to leave, in which case the puppy will run after you
  • The command near requires diligence from the dog. Your pet should move with you strictly on the left side. Its front legs should be approximately in line with yours. This is achieved in the following way. You need to walk with the puppy so that he runs over, otherwise, he will not be attentive, torn in different directions 
  • The command tosit” is distinguished by its simplicity in training and is most easily understood by the dog. Call your puppy and raise the treat above his head by giving the command to sit. If your pet does not understand, help him, for this, you need a subcommand to lightly press on his hind legs
  • The lie down command is based on the same trailer as thesitcommand. To make the puppy understand it more easily, you can accompany it with a gesture, to do this, extend your hand in front of you with your palm upward and simultaneously with the wordsBall, lie down“, start the movement by slightly raising it, turning your palm over and simultaneously lowering it to the bottom. The puppy should lie and sit on the left side;
  • The same training conditions apply to the stand command as for thelie downandsitcommands
  • The Aport command is also easy to learn, the puppy must bring you an object thrown by you. Take your puppy’s favorite toy or item he likes to play with. Get your pet’s attention, get him interested, and drop the item of your choice close to you