Left home alone, Garrett Johnson had taken on the responsibility of looking after their dog, Oscar. His parents were out on a cruise. They, particularly his mom, had reminded Garrett of his enormous task as they set out on the cruise. He found a unique way to update his parents and convince them that he had indeed been a responsible and competent babysitter, or puppy-sitter, in their absence. He kept his worried holidaying parents updated with his short, delightful, and lovable post. His indoor adventures with Oscar, their Pomeranian and Shi Tzu mix have since gone viral over social media.

Holidaying parents updated

Their short video begins with Garrett asking the dog, Oscar what he would like to do. Then the camera pans to the cute dog’s face and the action begins. “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne plays as Oscar scampers away.

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Holidaying parents updated

He gets the royal treatment as he gets to sit at the dining table. He even selects the movie they would watch together. Most of the time is spent raising hell around the house, as they revel in their unlimited freedom.

Holidaying parents updated

Garrett’s parents were naturally overjoyed that junior got the royal treatment from his big brother. “She cried laughing.” the co-star of the video shared with The Dodo. Others have also enjoyed their video that Garrett shared on Twitter.

He posted that his video was his way to keep his holidaying parents updated on the care that he is taking of the family dog, Oscar. 55K viewers have enjoyed the video.

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My parents went on a cruise so I was left alone with Oscar, My mom kept telling me to make sure to take good care of him, so Mom here is proof!

Posted by Garrett Johnson on Monday, February 25, 2019

We can safely assume that Garrett gets full marks for puppy-sitting. This is one sibling rivalry his parents do not have to worry about.

Credit: Facebook/Garrett Johnson