Dogs are our loyal friends. While many of us can’t even think of dog roast on our plates, in many Asian countries, dog-meat is a delicacy. While we may have many steaks of animals like cow, pork or even chicken – dog, as a food, seems unbelievable. Human Society International has often tried to stop the dog trade industry in South Korea. It has continued to do since the year of 2015. Finally, the lobbying has borne fruit and the Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to make the city slaughter-free.

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This is a #truestory 🐈🐶! Our investigators recount the terrifying journey animals experience when taken for the dog and cat meat trade💔. These dogs and cats go through an extremely cruel process as victims of this brutal trade. While reading this will be tough, we believe that in order to help end the trade, people should understand the reality these dogs and cats face. Find out more about the heartbreaking journey dogs and cats have to go through before they are brutally killed ➡️ Please note this traumatic journey can be upsetting for some audiences. You can also skip the journey and sign our petition here to #ProtectMillions ➡ [LINK IN BIO] . . . . . #FOURPAWS #VIERPFOTEN #animalwelfare #dogmeattrade #dogmeat #catmeat #endcatmeat #enddogmeat #shutdowndogmeatfarms

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The dog trade ended when three dog-meat shops were shuttered.

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The dog-meat campaign manager working in the Human Society International is Nara Kim. She claimed that she was happy that the dog-meat slaughter has ended. While shops can still sell it, it remains a great decision towards the evolution of society. Many Koreans do not want to have this delicacy – about 70% of them. Hence, it’s a dying industry.

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Not many people know.. but about 8 yrs ago I rescued about 14 dogs from the Asian dog meat trade. Cost me a fortune as I had to supliment the donations with my own money but worth every penny when I'm contacted by one of the adopters to let me know how well one of the dogs is doing in his British home. Carter here was saved off a dog meat truck on his way to be slaughtered but with some organising I managed to get him saved along with a load more and flown to the UK. Its so important to rescue dogs that are suffering and as well as my wolf dogs I take a fair amount of time to help dogs less lucky. I have a Romania rescue in my house called Zora who I adore. Why not add to your existing pack with a needy rescue and make your family complete? Xxx @iamwendyanne77 thankyou for giving Carter a beautiful home and sending me his update 🙏 . . #rescuedog #dogrescue #dogsofinstagram #puppy #dogmeat #dogmeattrade #dogmeattradesurvivor #animalrescue #dog #dogs

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However, all is not good in the Asian world. According to the Human Society International, about 30 million dogs are killed for human consumption, all across China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Vietnam. The entire dog-meat trade industry is a very convoluted one. But what we can truly say is that it is quite despicable.

While you might be conjuring up a gruesome image of a dog getting decapitated, things are different now. And it’s not only about food. Eating dog meat can cause cholera, rabies, and trichinellosis.

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It can be hoped that with the cessation of dog-meat in South Korea can be an inspiration for others to follow.