Egypt’s stray Baladi dog torture became so unbelievably awful! People fear them so they defend themselves by killing, hitting and even burning them. We have to stand out for stray Baladi dogs’ rights. It’s totally unfair to take the life of an innocent poor animal.

stray baladi dog

In Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, a heartless man decided to repel away a stray Baladi dog that stayed beside his jewelry shop. So, he burned her with Nitric acid aka aqua fortis.

stray baladi dog

This cruel man was annoyed that the dog was nurturing her puppies in front of his shop. So now, she nurtures her puppies with milk mixed with blood due to the extreme injuries she had.

People on Facebook are very angry with what happened to the dog. So, they are demanding the government to arrest him to receive the proper punishment he deserves.

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