Unfortunately, there are many poor dogs, who are not receiving the proper care by their owners, which forces them to care for themselves. Animal SafeGuard re-enacted a story of 2 pups, who were abandoned for no reason by their owners, in a video.

You can see in the video below a farmer out in his spare time and about watching kids flying kites. The farmer, who always rescues animals, saw a poor pup, who was all alone, wandering around him. The dog started wagging his tail crazily when he saw the man.

Stray Dog

But the pup ran away when the farmer tried to pick him up! So, the farmer knew that the pup wanted to be followed to lead the man to somewhere! The man kept following the dog to see a sewer pipe and a dog waste! But when the farmer took a closer look, he saw the pup’s sister, who also needed to be rescued!

Stray Dog

How loyal the male dog is! he knew that the man wanted to help him, but he also knew that his sister was in desperate need of help too! The man tried to help the small girl, but she was firstly afraid and kept running back into the pipe.

Stray Dog

Eventually, the cute pup let the farmer help her. The best thing in the video is that the farmer took the dogs in to care for and foster them until he can find forever homes for them.

Watch the video below.

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