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abandoned dogs

29 Abandoned Dogs Covered With Ticks And Fleas Recovered From A Texas Field

Texas is a big place and in that big place, there are a lot of abandoned animals . Yes, the tragic truth is that...
choking puppy Heimlich maneuver

Choking Puppy Was Saved By The Heimlich Maneuver Performed On Him By Generous Cops

The Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department was answering a call regarding a car that had been stolen. Sergeant Jim Edison and Office Jon O'Guin...
family dog saved

Family Dog Went Missing For A Week But Was Recovered From A Storm Drain

Family dogs are priceless treasures. We can't live without them. However, there are certain occasions when they might go missing. These are moments when...
amazing dog react

Border Collie Gets A Shock When She Sees Herself On A TV Replay

If you are in a major sports event and the camera shows you on the big screen, you are overjoyed. You will probably pull...
derelict shelter

A Common Woman Becomes An Unsung Hero When She Transforms A High-Kill Shelter To...

Shelters are meant to help animals. They save them from different traumatic conditions. However, not all shelters can be that privileged. An animal shelter...
cute puppy

12-Week-Old Cute Puppy Snatched By Owl Was Recovered From A Golf Course

There are many predators of small animals, especially puppies. These predators can be coyotes and bobcats, but sometimes it can be air-borne like owls...
protective dog

Firefighters Save A Baby From A House On Fire And Tells Mom That Her...

Erika Poremski was living in her home in Baltimore. Generally, electricity problems are not an issue in Baltimore and the surroundings but emergencies do...
anxious dog cuddles

Dog Suffering From Anxiety Finds Comfort From An Unusual Friend

Every animal can suffer from some form of anxiety. It's quite a natural mental problem for an animal to go through anxiety, especially when...
German shepherd erupts in joy

German Shepherd Erupts In Joy On Seeing Ocean For The First Time

At times, we believe that only we are capable of expressing pure exhilaration. This video will make you believe that exhilaration can be expressed...
dog meets her groomer on the road

Dog Meets Her Groomer On The Road: The Reaction Is Priceless

As children, we never liked a visit to the barber and it is only natural that dogs have the same feelings about a visit...
Pet Hero of the Year

Amazing Dog Helps Edinburgh Lady With Hidden Disability Confidently And Is Declared UK’s ‘Pet...

We do not associate animals with delicate or complex abilities but Milly-Bear, this ‘Pet Hero of the Year 2019’ is intelligent enough for just...